PMS and food nutrients

Women hormones we are known for them. We are known for our mood swings and cravings… To cut to the chase because we are all busy :


If you have:
since you have headaches, fatigue and cravings: you want to increase these nutrients 14 days out and have every day before then during we will shift to change a few nutrients
B6: 200-300 mg aka pyriodoxine directly connected to female hormones …. as other B vitamins, it is lost through heat, cooking, stress, processed foofd, fast foods. Enriched in cereals and breads.
sources: meat,whole grains, whole wheat, wheat germ, fish, chicken, egg yolk, soy, ried beans, peanuts, walnuts, banansa, prunes, potatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, avocado. White sugar has none whereas raw sugar is rich in B6
whole wheat bread b/c it is processed has lost almost all but wheat germ and wheat flakes are rich in B6

B1: 150-250 mg depleted by the use of coffee, sugar, black teas, alcohol.  aka is thiamine.  sources: wheat germ, grains… do not use polished rice. whole wheat bread, brown rice, brewer’s yeast, blackstrap molasses. oats, millet, spinach, cauliflower, nuts, sunflower seeds, legume, peanuts, peas, beans, avocado (highest in fruits), pork tenderloin, dried fruits

chromium : mineral that help the glucose tolerance factor metabolizing and regulating carbohydrate metabolism in order for glucose to properly used within the body.
chromium which is depleted 90% by processed foods and fast foods (any even chick fil a ) 200-400mcg…. grains, wheat germ, brewer’s yeast (best form), green peppers, eggs, apples, butter, bananas, spinach, black pepper, blackstrap molasses …. whole grains, meats, shrimp, bran, potato skins, beets, mushrooms excellent sources

E 800 iu pair with omega 3 like salmon, olive oil … .pair foods like sunflower seeds, and olive oil in your spinach salad which spinach has 210% vitamin E
C : 8 mg citrus, red bell pepper

frequent small meals throughout the day.

Now, the amino acid: leucine will help when you have a busy day. it is found in dairy, poultry, wheat germ

its friends are the other BCAA : isoleucine and valine this will stabilized or lower blood sugar it metabolizes carbs to use it has energy instead of storing it has fat. It will help with bones and skin. it helps with hypoglycemia.

You can find it in protein shakes but natural is best: cheese, meats, grains, seeds, wheat germ, nuts… I like to put out there vegan, vegetarian and carnivore options. Valine is literally found in large amounts in eggs. it protects nerve endings or aka the myelin sheath. It is found in proteins in most foods.

On a side note valine is important to reduce for keto acids in the urine which break down muscles….

enjoy food. enjoy life.



Tracy Knight is a certified nutritionist and owner of Skinny South Incredible Treats. Contact her at or


Honey Crisp Spaghetti Squash Recipe


  • Select Apples that feel heavy for their size and are free from wrinkled skin, obvious punctures or large flat bruised areas.
  • After you purchase thyme take out of store package and wrap with damp paper towl and place into a ziploc bag, press the air out and seal

Honey Crisp Spaghetti Squash (raw and cooked versions)

cooked version

Recipe: serves 4 dishes or 6-8 sides

½ spaghetti squash

½ honey crisp apple : make apple sticks

½ sweet potato : make sweet potato sticks

2 leek stalks– slice between ½ and ¼ inch wide from the base of the stalk upward

1 tbsp olive oil

sea salt to taste

4 medium sprigs of thyme or 1 tsp

½ bosu pear

optional: quinoa or feta


preheat Oven to 350 degrees

wrap half of the spaghetti squash in foil and bake for 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on your oven.

In a saucepan over medium heat :

add olive oil (not extra virgin but virgin olive oil ) leaks and sweet potato stir and then add after 2-3 minutes the apples, pear, thyme, dash salt and stir for a few more minutes until the apples are soft, the sweet potato will not be softer than the apple.

After 45 minutes take the spaghetti squash and with folk peel the flesh out, a ready speghetti squash when the fork moves along the flesh, will scoop out looking like spaghetti.

Place spaghetti squash on a plate then add the above as a topping.

Garnish with feta cheese, Gouda and or thyme


­ ________________________________________________________________

Raw Version:

Recipe: serves 4 dishes ore 6-8 sides

½ spaghetti squash(cooked, cooled )

½ honey crisp apple : make apple sticks

½ sweet potato : make sweet potato sticks

2 leek stalks– slice between ½ and ¼ inch wide from the base of the stalk upward

1 tbsp olive oil

sea salt to taste

4 medium sprigs of thyme or 1 tsp

½ bosu pear

( spaghetti squash can be add or not )

put the apples, sweet potato, leeks, olive oil, thyme, bosu pear into a bowl stir

Put the spaghetti squash on a plate and add the above as a topping

Garnish with  feta, and thyme – enjoy


add baked hot chicken or

quinoa that has been cooked (and cooled )

Eye Catching Health Benefits.

It’s True. We have been given everything we need to sustain our lives while on Earth. We were not created and then left to fend for ourselves. 

We have been given the natural ability to hunt, gather and survive. 

Even your hand, YOUR hand is the way to portion control your food. 

The Bullseye, I like to call it: 



Quinoa: great for the blood stream. It is circular like your cells. Adds oxygen to the bloodstream to increase endurance. My races, I have raced faster adding this to my diet. 

Apple: white on the inside like your bones, 4 chambered in the center like your heart: good for heart and bones high in C, D 

Walnut: shaped like the spheres of the brain: brain food 

Pumpkin rich in zinc: important for sex drive. shaped like the sex organs 

Chocolate in its original form is circular. It will create healthy cells. It is an antioxidant and has calming properties

Banana: shaped like the colon. Fiberous to aid in digestion and muscles … the strings and the banana it self looks like a muscle

Orange: on the inside has white stuff that attaches it to the rind the white stuff will aid in strengthening the connective tissue 70mg for an average orange 

Kiwi: cut in half and it looks like the lungs: highest in vitamin C low in glycemic; perfect for diabetics who cannot have orange. Even the kiwi has the black dots on the ends representing the air sacs. between 110mg and 170mg 


Food Pairing: 

You want to pair your food appropriately. 

You do not want to put 2 high glycemic foods together such as biscuit and orange juice. Can spike the bloodsugars, expand the cardiovascular wall; can cause a sugar crash. 

Instead: pair something like a high and a low such as peanut butter and rice cake for weight loss… and you can even add cinnamon to the top of the peanut butter to aid as an anti-inflammatory to decrease the cardiovascular wall and allow the sugars to slowly go through. 

More tips like this will come up from time to time. It is a journey from the inside out… not the out – in (in my opinion). 

Hey MISS! (Make it Simple Sweetie! )

with love tk