Cleansing foods

Cleansing foods, clean foods, eat this not that!

All of these titles but what really is the message?

Clean food are foods not in a box, or are they?

Bottom line, cleansing process should not be from a box instead, food Rx is recommended. Up to four times per year is recommended that you come clean. Literally!

Come clean from what?? I eat healthy!

You may eat healthy; however, the toxins are everywhere- you can’t escape them! Your immune system starts in the digestive system and is vulnerable to many toxins, not just in food, everyday.

Daily regime is like a cup of coffee. Take warm water, lemon juice and cayenne and knock it out, start fresh and begin your day.

A short list I compiled for a daily regime in foods that naturally keep you cleansed.

Nuts: provide b vitamins, zinc essential for the immune system, healthy fats, rich in minerals for the absorption process of other nutrients and not to mention it beefs up the sex life.

Almonds, Walnuts, Cashews, Pumpkin Seeds, Pistachios, Sunflower Seeds

Fruits: Fiber … Detoxify. Rich in vitamins and minerals for the immune system like C and Calcium.

Apples, bananas, blueberries, pears, strawberries, kiwi, raspberry, cranberry, papaya

Vegetables: amazing no fat containing power food, rich in lots of A, C, Zinc, Calcium… magnesium, and so forth.

Carrots are really the number of fruits and vegetables that can tackle anything from cancer to eyesight. Broccoli, Sweet potatoes, hardy Green Leaf like Kale and the lettuce kind like Red leaf and spinach which cleanses the toxins from the bloodstream.

Tomatoes, onions, garlic, peppers, avocados, green beans each with an large amount of antioxidants.

Complex Carbohydrates:

whole grain, brown rice, quinoa, millet rich in niacin, manganese, and some are gluten free like brown rice, and quinoa.

Combine carbs grains and veg together for a complete protein.

Meat: low fat or nonfat; also containing important essentials like tryptophan and when you combine these with vitamin C containing fruits yields more calcium in the body. Benefits those with anxiety, depression, and other mental issues that may affect the immune system, and digestive system.

Turkey, chicken, eggs, cold water fish, bison, deer.

Quarter detox: combine a rich vegetable and fruit combo for 14-21 days for a complete detox cleanse.


tune in next  topic: ” hormonal foods … men and women”

TK is the owner of Skinny South Incredible Treats, Inc and Love Life Nutrition. Over 20 years running experience, 10 years nutrition. Nationally published, television and radio guest on several stations.


PMS and food nutrients

Women hormones we are known for them. We are known for our mood swings and cravings… To cut to the chase because we are all busy :


If you have:
since you have headaches, fatigue and cravings: you want to increase these nutrients 14 days out and have every day before then during we will shift to change a few nutrients
B6: 200-300 mg aka pyriodoxine directly connected to female hormones …. as other B vitamins, it is lost through heat, cooking, stress, processed foofd, fast foods. Enriched in cereals and breads.
sources: meat,whole grains, whole wheat, wheat germ, fish, chicken, egg yolk, soy, ried beans, peanuts, walnuts, banansa, prunes, potatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, avocado. White sugar has none whereas raw sugar is rich in B6
whole wheat bread b/c it is processed has lost almost all but wheat germ and wheat flakes are rich in B6

B1: 150-250 mg depleted by the use of coffee, sugar, black teas, alcohol.  aka is thiamine.  sources: wheat germ, grains… do not use polished rice. whole wheat bread, brown rice, brewer’s yeast, blackstrap molasses. oats, millet, spinach, cauliflower, nuts, sunflower seeds, legume, peanuts, peas, beans, avocado (highest in fruits), pork tenderloin, dried fruits

chromium : mineral that help the glucose tolerance factor metabolizing and regulating carbohydrate metabolism in order for glucose to properly used within the body.
chromium which is depleted 90% by processed foods and fast foods (any even chick fil a ) 200-400mcg…. grains, wheat germ, brewer’s yeast (best form), green peppers, eggs, apples, butter, bananas, spinach, black pepper, blackstrap molasses …. whole grains, meats, shrimp, bran, potato skins, beets, mushrooms excellent sources

E 800 iu pair with omega 3 like salmon, olive oil … .pair foods like sunflower seeds, and olive oil in your spinach salad which spinach has 210% vitamin E
C : 8 mg citrus, red bell pepper

frequent small meals throughout the day.

Now, the amino acid: leucine will help when you have a busy day. it is found in dairy, poultry, wheat germ

its friends are the other BCAA : isoleucine and valine this will stabilized or lower blood sugar it metabolizes carbs to use it has energy instead of storing it has fat. It will help with bones and skin. it helps with hypoglycemia.

You can find it in protein shakes but natural is best: cheese, meats, grains, seeds, wheat germ, nuts… I like to put out there vegan, vegetarian and carnivore options. Valine is literally found in large amounts in eggs. it protects nerve endings or aka the myelin sheath. It is found in proteins in most foods.

On a side note valine is important to reduce for keto acids in the urine which break down muscles….

enjoy food. enjoy life.



Tracy Knight is a certified nutritionist and owner of Skinny South Incredible Treats. Contact her at or

Creation of Skinny South Cookies ….

Why on earth and how on earth did I come up with this? Well, I call this the ketchup / french fry approach; it just fell into place.

As an avid athlete, like many can relate, the bars have way too much sugar. I was inhaling many of a particular kind. As a person on the go, a new mom and marathon runner I needed something fast.  I was tired of the fact the energy from the bars was sugars, then carbs, then fat, then protein. This ratio was not going to help me with recovery hence I would not eat these heavy things before.

Like a bad relationship, I felt like it was weighing me down. This coupled with clients wanting moderation, my daughter starting kindergarten and a few family members with celiac, diabetes…etc, I thought maybe there is a way to change this approach.

Incredibly, One day long long ago in 2008, the land of the unknown after a huge change in my life, I was making cookies. Catering to my daughter’s kindergarten class, I made chocolate chip cookies, but all the while and at the same time I was working with a few doctors regarding attention deficient and children;. Then a light bulb went off and I asked my self the million dollar question, “why in the world am I putting all the ingredients which may cause attention deficient disorder into the very cookies I am going to give MY daughter and her class?”.
… healthy cookies were now a possible idea for a hobby.. not a business. haha!

In 2009, during the day, I worked as a general manager at a small fitness gym, at night I would bake at Miss Cordelia’s in Memphis, TN to create this cookie made with all healthy ingredients… I tried the usual like applesauce, yogurt, which are great but mold quickly on the shelf.

The kindergarten kids were sold and the parents purchased my cookies outside of the bake sale by the dozens and my fellow running buddies at races would ask to purchase these cookies … literally selling them out the back of my Jeep.

Finally, they started being sold in the grocery store where I baked the products Funny part is since my last  business was bull-dozed by the financial fall of 2008,  I did not see myself getting involved with another entrepreneurial idea.
Well… Ha!Ha!
In 2012, The protein cookie company was born and the name Skinny South Incredible Treats was created thanks to my incredible best friend’s contribution to the name “Incredible” … its the little things that change your perspective.

The bars where popular but not like they are today… Again, I didn’t want a bar, I wanted a cookie. A food item shaped like a cookie….my thought,  a cookie makes one happy to eat.

On a quick side note, to my Family and friends, I thank you for putting up with me during this long journey/ dream… which is still being built. Yes, this business has been built with sacrifice, blood, sweat, tears, long nights and challenges.

How guiltless are the products?
Skinny South Incredible Treats is a company that is free of junk and full of flavor. All natural Protein cookies made into delicious guiltless flavors of Carrot Cake, Walnut Crunch Cake, Banana Nut Bread, Coconut Cake and Chocolate Chip.  We also carry, 90 calorie all natural chia brownie, walnut brownie, Memphis soul brownie (contributes to the children’s music scene), almond cup cookies (like reese’s but reversed), brownie bite cookies, skinny dips of strawberry shortcake, lemon drop, dipped dark chocolate, and chocolate covered cherry.

The thing is they have these names, they look sinful but in reality with the right ingredients and process they honestly aren’t. The fact how I do it and what I use allows for your body to process the foods quickly either utilize them and to help cleanse the body.

Again, How ???  spices, natural sugars, spices… did I say, spices? Food pairing is important to help with any carbs, protein and fats Naturally found in the foods.

I am a mom, certified clinical nutritionist and former personal trainer as well as avid athlete.
I am conscience what goes into my body from minute one of the day.

We Make protein cookies from southern family dessert recipes.

… Southern Recipes made into Protein Cookies : Pumpkin Pie Latte, Chocolate Chip, Carrot Cake, Walnut Crunch Cake, Chocolate Chip, Banana Nut Bread, Coconut Cake, Lemon Coconut Cake …
Dark chocolate Brownie, Walnut Brownies, Memphis soul Brownies ( made with almond butter and dark chocolate). The brownie took 4 years to perfect to make it 90 calories and delicious. It has been said, that this is…. “The best vegan brownie ever tasted ! ”

“Thank you for the samples, everyone at the office got to try them and loved it! “, raves John Ruiz from Swarm Inc. Miami, FL


Raised between Woodstock, GA and Memphis, TN, as a southern blood runs through my veins,  I am sure most can relate to the Memphis soulful music scene and the delicious southern desserts. So, in honor of my hometown, we support the Memphis Music Scene through children’s programs and healthcare programs.
To date we have sold over 2000 Memphis Soul Brownies thanks to the ladies at Delta Groove Yoga and their patrons! A nice percentage of those sales will be used for the programs to enhance the beautiful music scene that has impacted the world.
…. the Memphis Soulful line supports the Memphis Music scene.

Now having a location in Miami Beach, we will support the community there as well. Right now, Tracy has been on radio Life FM 90.9 discussing nutrition. Also, she is a regular demo chef at Fairchild Garden who teaches how to prepare meals healthy. She has been on television….
The next step is for the brownies sold in each city the product is sold to have that support the Children’s music scene and raise awareness to the importance that music has on our mind, body and soul. It is highly influencial and important for everyone to understand the importance of how we impact our environment.

Our plan is to have our products in New York and LA in 2016, which the a portion of sales will go to support programs in those communities as well.

Take the Chia Challenge with us… Chocolate Chia Balls are growing faster than ever!

Join us to take the Chocolate Chia Ball Challenge and
Sign up for our Nutrition news letter and learn how foods given to you on this earth are for you, not against you!

Also… Why not Challenge your local stores and have them contact us today to get Skinny South into your area now!



Chef demo of Apricot Toasties & the benefits of the ingredients

Today is a beautiful day in Miami, FL. I am at the Fairchild Garden Spring event as one of the demonstration chefs. As the owner of Skinny South Incredible Treats, I want to always put forth healthy dessert alternatives. For this one it is Apricot Toasties: Gluten free, vegan… the diabetic friendly part I will show you.

The ingredients:

Coconut : Deliciously valuable and a large nut fruit. Very popular in South Florida and grown all over. It is high in Saturated fat, but rich in Omega 3, contains some protein and carbs, fiber. Traces of B, E, potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, copper. Very diverse from cooking to yogurt… to topical to drinking…

The value of this oil is it is not like the hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils and fats which are usually fortified with Vitamin A, and other additives which tend to function differently in the body ; therefore, it increases the blood cholesterol, yielding to cardiovascular problems and cancer risks. Lard, butter and chicken fat do the same.

Now, I hear the switch to polyunsaturated fats / oils so the saturated fats are less consumed, hoping to keep the heart healthy. Well heating a polyunsaturated fat is not wise because science talk: it has one unsaturated bond which hydrogen atoms attach.  Simple talk: the heating affects the chemical structure which is less usable for the body and difficult for the body to process. If you heat the oil it will oxidize which destroys cell. Whereas, antioxidants repairs, heals and keeps cells from breaking down thus preventing cancer, cardiovascular issues.

The fat that coconut contains: B, C, E… these burn fat. Also, having traces of potassium and Magnesium helps calcium absorb into the body. This little nut fruit is essential to have in your pantry, if you are not allergic.

Vegetable shortening The vegetable oil I used today is organic and rich in E, essential fatty acids and linoleic acid which is Omega 6 and also found in wheat is germ, safflower, sesame (rich in protein) and sunflower.

On a side note, after I wrote this, I had questions from the chef’s demo ….

Why don’t I use coconut oil? or shortening? Because I am already using coconut flakes, unsweetened, but I don’t want an over load of coconut. Instead this is a palm oil which contains monounsaturated and saturated oils. The apricots containing C and Beta Carotene will help burn the saturated oils and is why I used dried fruit in the recipe, without it would be just sugar and oil … thus less healthy.

It is wise to use a polyunsaturated fat and an E together for better fat absorption. Sunflowers added to your salad is an easy fix.

Apricots : This little guy is awesome ! Rich in A, high in C, Iron , potassium, manganese. Beta Carotene is an antioxidant which helps cells, skin , hair. Remember heating of the oil causes oxidation…. and antioxidants help the cell… well this is beta carotene, and C…. two things the apricot has.

Sugars: table  sugar glycemic index is 65 whereas the organic brown rice syrup found in many health food items like hemp milk is 98 on the glycemic index. My advice, know your sugars but foods like blackstrap molasses mixed with organic cane sugar reduces the glycemic load into the bloodstream.

Other food items to pair with sugars is cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, protein and fat. Protein slows down the sugars running through the bloodstream and fat does too.

With the Apricot toasties, I add cinnamon in the mixture to help slow down the sugars rushing through. You can also substitute pea protein 1/4 cup gluten-free flour for added protein .

Organic Stevia

Organic cane sugar and brown sugar

Vanilla Extract and Almond Extra

Other questions from the chef’s demo:

  1. can I use quinoa flour?

    you can but it is heavy and it contains high carbs and fat. We are just making toasties. I suggest a pea protein isolate so that it stays light and no carbs and no extra fat because we are using coconut and palm oil. Too much carbs in your dish then you will have added weight on your hips.

  2. Can I use just stevia?

    A few reasons why not, but at the end of the day, its your journey….1)  if you like the aftertaste of some stevias. 2)  the pure stevia,  like pure olive oil is very expensive.  3)This dish was designed with a budget. It yields 60 toasties. 4) Also, the glycemic index is reduced when using real sugars with protein and spices. Again, table sugar is a less glycemic index than brown rice syrup or evaporated cane juice/ syrup in most health foods. Remember food pairing is the best choice. 5) Because even stevia is processed down. If you ever had a stevia plant and tried to extract sugar from it… like trying to get juice out wheatgrass, takes a lot. Yes, I speak from experience.

  3. Can I use brown rice flour instead of white rice flour?

    Yes but it is the difference between brown rice and white rice… brown will be heavier than white and remember we are using flaxseed meal for toasties… toasties are to be light and if you have too much fiber then your guests may not visit with you, they will be reading the bathroom materials instead.u

  4. Do you do cooking classes?

    What I do is I come to your home, church or business and I teach you how to pair the right foods together. Based on the type of environment or what we discuss previously, yes I can do cooking classes. 

    Just email me at and we can discuss. Its affordable. My clients currently include: Helena Chemical, MLGW (electric company), celebrities, chefs, schools and Cigna health insurance (as a third-party vendor to their corporate clients).

  5. Do you have a book?

    I am finishing it up . A couple of books. One is Journey with Food and the other the Journey Within. Journey with Food comes out in a few months and will be available on site.I am a published nutritionist in several magazines like Premier Bride, Dallas Bride, Justine Teen Magazine.

  6. What has been your experience?  My experience has been life and other’s lives. My father, stepdad, grandmother…. experienced diabetes. I myself, experience hypoglycemia. I cannot pair certain foods together and I cannot have anything that has more than 10g of sugar at one time. I can feel my blood sugar rise. I can feel my body and then I know I will crash in a few moments into a deep sleep for 2 hours. I am an avid athlete, an aspiring Olympic hopeful at one time but life got in the way…. sometimes our journey takes us a different way than what we wanted. I am a mother of a 12-year-old with several types of moderate mental disabilities. I was in a severe car accident that  left me in the bed for 3 months and then learning to walk again … told I would never walk again and if so it would be with assistance… I mailed the doctor my autographed 5k and marathon photo a year later. I am a single parent who is a business owner which comes with its own financial challenges. When I was with food stamps, how I built my Skinny South Incredible Treats business, the most important thing to remember is nutrition. Regardless, I always put the right foods together keeping the staples of spinach, pasta, apples, carrots, milk, butter, bread, peanut butter, tomato sauce… that’s all we could get at times and many times I wouldn’t be able to eat dinner, lunch… whatever. But, blessed with the Lord’s hand, we are doing much better. Now, I want to show others it can be done but not to focus so much on the hype or the type, but focus on the ingredients and the nutrients.

Any more questions can be sent to


Apricot Toasties

Preheat oven 350 ( because it is gluten-free you will reduce the temp and time it is baking) Less processed food items take less time to prepare. ….

Create “egg” vegan egg… 2 tbsp flaxseed meal to 6 tbsp warm water , stir and let set for 5 minutes

in a saucepan combine:

1 ½ cup chopped dried apricots (put in freezer and then taken out, thaw they will be sweeter)

½ cup water

cover and cook together 5-8 minutes

sift or blend together:

1 cup all-purpose gluten-free flour

¾ cup gluten-free brown rice flour

2 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp kosher sea salt

Cream together :

1 cup vegetable shorten

¼ cup confectioner’s sugar

¼ cup stevia in the raw

½ cup light brown sugar ( or make your own with ½ cup organic cane sugar and ¼ cup blackstrap molasses in a saucepan and stir regularly until well blended over low heat , do not burn)

1 tsp vanilla extract

¼ tsp almond extract

blend in the flaxseed meal egg mixture

stir in dry ingredients and cooled apricot mixture

take 1 tsp of mixture and drop into 1 ½ cup shredded unsweetened coconut

and shape into balls

place 1 “ apart and on baking sheet

top each one with a whole almond or sliced

bake 350 10 min or until coconut is slightly toasted

makes 6 dozen

yum yum enjoy !


Why We Use These Ingredients

After years of research to find the superfoods for the protein cookies, I discovered that when pairing it ignited a sensational nutritional spark that has proved my theory, ”  We have been given everything on this world to sustain our life, we have just screwed it up with chemicals and thought that fast means chemically enhanced foods and terrible unnatural preservatives.”

Why We Use These Ingredients


Helps with weight management, enhances immune system, improves: energy level, bone density, reduces risk in heart disease & Type II diabetes, lowers risk of lower intestinal cancer, low glycemic index number, high fiber, calcium and iron


Rich in Manganese, Vita E, Magnesium, calming properties, rich in potassium, lowers blood pressure, Vitamin B2, may help protect against diabetes


High in Protein, iron and calcium as well as B vitamins and fiber


Heart Health, anti-inflammatory, reduces or prevents arthritis, cancer prevention of the: mouth, skin & prostate gland


Protects heart, controls blood pressure, strengthens bones, quiets cough


Good Source of Fiber, can improve urinary tract health,

protects your heart, stabilizes blood sugar and boosts memory


From a thistle plant, contains 20% protein, fiber, B vitamins, potassium, iron, calcium, maganese, phosphorus


antioxidant, healthy skin, improves eye sight, anti-cancer, reduces strokes by 68%,

blood sugar regulation, prevents macular degeneration in older adults

Chia Seed

Prevents Sugar spikes, improves cardiovascular health, fights belly fat, contains fiber (also helps you feel full), Omega-3 (fights belly fat), stronger bones (contains high amounts of calcium), high amounts of maganese & phosporus, and protein


Anti-oxidants, anti-aging

lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, increases sex drive, muscle repair, calming properties

anti-depressant, mono-unsaturated fat, reduces risks of heart disease


Boosts thyroid, increases metabolism, promotes a lean body and weight loss, supports a healthy immune system, rich in antioxidants, treats skin disorders, healthy hair, and strong bones

Powdered Gluten Free Vegan Egg Whites (no meat)

No Fat, High in Protein 6g, Complete Protein, no cholesterol, high in: folate, calcium, magnesium & phosphorus

Flaxseed Meal

High in Omega 3’s, Rich in Fiber, Protects against: breast, prostate & colon cancers, Protection against: cardiovascular disease, diabetes & inflammation


15 % in Protein, high in fiber, sweet is extracted from the grain to produce sorghum, niacin, thiamine, riboflavin, high in iron, potassium and magnesium.

Gluten Free Oats

Stabilizes blood sugars, complex carbohydrate, oats used are gluten free, healthy heart properties, 15% protein, great source of fiber, folic acid, niacin, pyridoxine, pantothenic acid as well as a good source of iron, copper, zinc, potassium, manganese, calcium and copper

Honey (local, bee-friendly)

Immune booster, natural energy booster, may reduce the risk of cancers and tumors, healthy hair, health digestion, weight loss, lowers cholesterol


lowers blood pressure, prevents breast cancer, lowers bad cholesterol,

prevents prostate enlargement, weight control, regulates moods, high in Protein, regulates blood sugar,

delays the onset of age related motor neuron diseases.

Pumpkin Seeds

Healthy prostate, improves bladder function, anti-depressant, lowers cholesterol,

prevention of cancers, prevention of osteoporosis, increases bone density,

Rich in zinc, increases sex drive, anti-inflammatory, treatment of tapeworm and other parasites, high in magnesium, high in protein

Raw Quinoa (not flour)

Provides more oxygen release into the blood, it contains high source of protein, iron and calcium with a mixture of B vitamins and other minerals. It is considered a superfood from all its amazing properties. Contains more powerful nutrients rather than grinding into flour; so we kept it whole and raw

Sweet Potato

healthy bones, prevention of degenerative diseases, prevention of heart attacks,

high in vitamin C, boosts immune system, helps with stress, anti-depressant,

healthy skin, mood stabilizer, supports thyroid gland


Decreases fat in blood, improves cell function, highest in antioxidants among nuts, fights fat,

prevention in heart disease, certain cancers, gallstones, controls blood sugars, rich in Phytonutrients,

high in omega 3, anti-stress, anti-depressant, supports weight loss

Cross Fit Day: Entrepreneur

phone 2015 july 31 056Does the Lord ask of you in a day something that sounds crazy at the time,  Fill your hands with burning coals from among the cherubim and scatter them over the city. Exekiel 10:2… Does your business demand things from you that you were not prepared for when you start?

I began thinking, I live and breath a cross fit day everyday. Does your morning start off with sprinting down the stairs,  to the bus stop one mile with 25 pounds of boxes and a purse in tow with you child? Drop them off at one bus stop and then head to yours a mile away?

We all have Cross Fit days if we think about it. Here is a taste of one cross fit day…  After getting kiddo to the bus, walking half a mile with 25 pound boxes to the bus stop that you are on a timer because you don’t get to the bus stop you have to wait 30 minutes for another. You Get on the bus and stand shifting you weight because there is nowhere to stand with 25 pound boxes in hopes that you don’t fall.

80 blocks from your departure. arms exhausted, brain exhausted. But yet, you are excited you sold so much in a day to make money and deliver, that you push yourself to the extreme to make your customer happy.

You are an entrepreneur. You are a crossfit Entrepreneur, one that doesn’t stop at anything to complain that you have to lift, push, pull and sprint to make it happen.

One who does not stop at anything to make life rotate and your business thrive. You do what you have to do especially in the beginning to survive.

But are you being smart about it?

Cross Fit Entrepreneurship is exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time.

You push yourself past the limits to create what you need. You seek out the answers of the experts to understand what is next. You failed at finance in college but you outsource and read up on finance to make it successful. You are an crossfit entrepreneur.

You are who you are.

You are victorious. Limitless. Courageous. Invincible. Thriving. Smart. Person who can do it all to a point.

You have to delegate and outsource. As you grow be creative with your outsourcing. Just because you have 100,000 dollars doesn’t mean you should spend 100,000 dollars. Be smart. You are cross fit entrepreneur. You are thriving. You will find the right person to do the job that is needed. With a little time and effort you can find that person who loves crunching numbers wanting some extra cash.

Marketing and college seniors, perfect combo for your growing business or even successful business. Seniors are looking for intern hours, hours to place on their resume. Boom! Not rocket science.

Less money spent,  greater ROI. Boom! again, success!

You got this. Be smart, be courageous and ask.

Know that you cross fit day isn’t over. You jump off the bus, run up the two flights of stairs, stop for a moment before you turn the corner to collect yourself so you present yourself unwind to your customer.

25 pounds gone.

Next pick up supplies.

Pick up another 25 pounds and like sandbags, carry them 1 mile to the bus stop, walk to the office 1 mile from the bus stop after you arrive at your bus stop destination. To place them in the proper spot in your office.

Refuel aka lunch

Any great crossfit entrepreneur must refuel with the proper nutrients. You need protein, carb, fat and lots of micronutrients that you destroyed all ready this morning on your journey. Feel good- look good.

It works from the inside out. Be successful with nutrition. I am not suggesting you go out and get a license or certification to become a nutritionist to understand refueling but to refuel with common sense.

You use muscle, you take in protein. You use energy, you take in carbohydrates. You sweat, you refuel with micronutrients like electrolytes. You metabolize protein with fat and store fat for the next long journey.

Smart decisions lead to smart business which leads to a successful thriving business.

To start out with money, great to end with more.. that’s more than anyone could ask for.

The lazy are not successful with crossfit entrepreneurship.

Get up and get moving before the day is over.

It’s now just 10 am, you have so much more to do, How will you lived your crossfit day?

Organize, Rejuvenate. Move forward.

Tonight, a 6 mile run is ahead to defuse from the day. Jump rope at lunch to take your mind off work for 1 minute.

As I write this blog, it’s Saturday, I am going to walk a 45 pound suitcase down 2 flights of stairs to take it 6/10 of mile to the laudromat to wash. Then fold and come back.

Get on the bus and go to all the places I need to go to make it successful day.

No rest until and no going out until $1000 profit made for the month.

Remember, if you try to compare yourself to a worker in a field in a third world country, good luck because they don’t have someone to pat them on the back at happy hour saying good job or they “treat” themself to a fancy dinner because they got all their work done. No, they go home and prepare their home for a successful day tomorrow and then go to bed exhausted, ready for the next day so they do not starve. You are starving for more, you want more, you want to feel the burn from your day and at the end of the day lay your head like the hard field worker with a smile… I did everything in my power today to be successful. If you need a bar, it isn’t going anywhere and do you really need it? Not many have successful business contacts during happy hour especially when the hours grow longer. Find a healthier way of getting the word out.

Work until you can’t stand up and you go in tomorrow for more. Get all the things on the list done. Be aggressive with your work, your success. No one will do the work for you and no one understand your vision.

Get up and be a crossfit entrepreneur. Push yourself past the limits of expectations creates endurance.

Proper Nutrition at 40 and over

Oh Happy Birthday! Over Hill! Welcome to the 40 and over club…. and you don’t have to be over 40 to follow these guidelines. They are preventive measures for aging as well.

It’s really not a bad place to be, unless you make it that way. How can we stay youthful in a stressful world; where we all know our environment is where stress is created.

Many of us become caregivers to our aging parents, or children. Remember, we can not be a proper caregiver if we are not taking care of ourselves first!

As a caregiver your demands increase in the spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and financial areas.

So to keep yourself maintained, or even to loss weight, and or gain a healthy lifestyle; because thin people can be unhealthy too, here are a few ABC steps to get you there.

1. ANDI score: smart Nutritional choices

2. Breakaway from bad habits

3. Calming Methods

4. Daily Safety methods

5. Exercise

6. Freebies: Sleep and Water

ANDI stands for Aggregated Nutrient Dense Index. It measures the amount of nutrients in a food and rates it according to the percentage overall. For example, Spinach is 794 per serving ( 1 cup) , Kale is 1000 (1 cup); thus, Kale is higher in nutrients. The rule of thumb to follow is that the lighter the color the lesser the number; whereas cheese and tofu ranks below 20. The consumption therefore should be more focused on the rich colors of the fruit and veggies. These provide not only your micronutrients but also your macros (fat, carbs and protein: trace sometimes but still has one of the three).

Another rule of thumb, you have to have the micronutrients for the macronutrients to absorb and transport properly through the body. As why water is so important, which we will talk about later

Breakaway from old habits. Alcohol is not only in drinks but in food. Did you know a Mai Tai has 620 calories per serving. I know people who skip meals all day because of the fear of calories but yet consume 4 Mai Tai drinks! Drugs, excessive use of pain relievers. Improper use of pharmaceutical drugs. If you are irritable, sleeping too much, attitude is horrible, yo-yo attitude it would be wise to speak to a professional physiologist regarding your issues. We can go inward and find the root of the issue that causes our need for substance abuse, or it may be a chemical imbalance; at this getting help with help you define a starting position. Healthy mind is important. I will write about substance abuse, mainly alcohol in another blog coming soon.

Calming methods can be miscommunicated at new age. The importance of this is that you reduce your blood pressure with these methods. Exercise is good, but is it designed for your personality? Some are built to run, others yoga… what is your therapy? One good method is to sit quietly and reflect on your favorite vacation spot. Studies show, those who fantasize have a lower blood pressure than those who don’t.  Those who get their minds off their problem at the moment, can resolve or solve faster than those who do not.

Daily Safety methods are simply, seatbelts, bike helmet, knee pads, mouth piece. No one wants to be disrupted with an injury. Did you know that most accidents happen inside the home! So, keep the stairs clear, front door clear, batteries fresh in the smoke detector, fire extinguisher in the kitchen. Even the wiring checked, ducts cleaned, gutters cleared, trees trimmed.

Exercise, we look at this topic and push ourselves 3 days per week hard, or go all out for a month and quit. Bottom line it is being consistent. Define consistent: unchanging in achievement or effect over a period of time; not-contradictory. For instance, its better to do 30 seconds of pushups, knee ups, crunches, waist circles, leg lifts, jump rope than to contradict this thought and do any of the above a few days per week. We work our bodies every day, all the time… day and night; thus, internally we don’t have the night off, vacation nor a time where we have a margaritaville time. Yes recovery time is essential; however, it is better to work out your body every other day and challenge yourself during that time in order to take yourself to the next level than to be inconsistent. Three hard days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and walk/ jog/ bike/ yoga on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with Sunday off.

Free! Water and Sleep. We are given so much time in the day to get things done. I hear so much in this time of computer, pda, and other handheld electrical devices that we some how do not have the time during the day to get proper sleep. Typical client day: Wake up 6am – dress- no breakfast- leave work 7:30- work 8 am – work like a horse. Then second half, we go to lunch and eat a salad from fast food place and then work the rest of the day, tired we grab a coffee. We get home, make dinner and find ourselves in front of the television for the next on average in America 6 hours.

Our water consumption was neglected at breakfast, we had coffee, had coke, tea at lunch no water and coffee for the afternoon then maybe water but on average the consumption for dinner is wine, tea, coke.

Let’s change these two around for positive. One water burns fat, sleep burns fat. Starts with dinner, calorie content for dinner should be roughly 60 calories per hour we are asleep and drinking before we shut our eyes 32 oz so we can transport nutrients, reduce blood pressure, and burn fat as well as keep us hydrated during our hibernation time. Breakfast should have 6 oz warm water to flush the system of toxins before you start your day. From there,  10 oz for snacks and 6 oz at lunch, that in itself is a start! Dinner is 6 oz now at this point you have had 28 oz and before bed 32 oz equals 60 fl oz. That is 60 fl oz more than you had yesterday, for the remainder of water needed, you are going to follow the ANDI score and have water consumption from your fruits and vegetables.

Enjoy Life! Love Life!

Simple Holidays

Does that even go together?!

When watching CBS Morning News this morning, it was an interesting statistics about families being the most stressful aspect of the holidays. Sad even. Then close behind was shopping and time management

You of course, I am sure are wondering what on earth does this have anything to do about food? Well in this, your environment has everything to do with your health. Digestion, stress, depression, etc have everything to do with your food choices.

5 tips to help you get through the holidays with minimal stress …

Shopping during the week instead of the weekends.

This is a time when time management will be helpful in reducing stress. Plan every day according to the importance of the project. You know weekends are when everyone goes shopping. So, packing a snack, and registering the kids in a drop in daycare or paying the month for afterschool care will really help reduce stress. Aftercare for the month is about $100 but in retrospect, stress will cause hundreds of dollars in mistakes and therapy if not done correctly.
IF you cannot afford to drop the kids in, tell them in advance, “we are going Christmas Shopping” pack snacks and go for one hour and power shop.

Self-contract, you will be good to you.

Starting anything new is not a good idea at this time and is why many wellness places find flooding the first of the year.
In my opinion, if you feel you can- go ahead and start. But if you cannot, create a self-contract that you will do your best this holiday season and reduce the amount of unnecessary carbs and fats and alcohol … do not “allow yourself” to be “bad”. YOU are only hurting yourself.

Go for a Walk instead of reaching for calories

Instead of Comfort Food go for a walk- it will reduce the stress levels by 80%-99% and you will burn 5 calories per minute walking.

Hug a Family member even though there is strife.

This takes courage and faith that the other will be receiving. But making a mends now is the more received by the other party than any other time of the year.
Do not breakup with your girlfriend or boyfriend only to skate the holiday gift either!
Hugs are free and the best gift.
Hugs release vitamin L and reduce stress!

Reduce homework and get more sleep

When you work from the house or you try to sneak those extra hours in as a business owner, or church function, or anything… you are doing more harm than good.
Sleep is necessary during this time. Trying to burn the midnight oil, increases stress to the adrenal cortex increasing unwanted fat in the body.
sleep is free and is an excellent fat burner.

Get it while you can

Eat more Vitamin C foods and with this Kale Recipe attached you will get more De-stress nutrients during the holidays.


The EatFitPlan is a simple solution to a complex food world. Effective, efficient approach to smart eating.


Tracy Knight, NIC, CPT, CEO of Skinny South Incredible Treats, Inc which creates diabetic-friendly, plant-based, gluten-free desserts; kid approved – mom tested- athlete driven

Peaches, delicious summertime fruit for a healthy heart with anti-aging health benefits

Healthy Heart, healthy blood sugar levels and Peaches!


The peach is like a beautiful sunset sitting in your hand, the colors ranging from orange to yellow to white blended in a picturesque form. The peach has been at many times in ancient oil paintings as an vibrant contrast.

On the Inside, Peaches having one seed nestled in the brownish red center containing a fleshy, white to yellowish orange with either a fuzzy skin or smooth skin.

The characteristics of the peach have a significant eye-catching health benefits.

The nutritional value of a medium peach contains 75 cal, 6 g sugars, 1g protein, 1 g fiber and incredible amounts of A, B vitamins, E and K, choline (water-soluble, B vitamin family and essential nutrient for the body to convert fats). Healthy hearts contain diets that are rich in potassium and low in sodium; thus the peach contains 200 mg of potassium and 0mg of sodium

So to remember these health benefits without being a scientist. Look at the peach. The rich reds which make up the sunset remind me of my heart. The arterial wall being the color of the pit of the peach, healthy heart.

The skin of the peach being firm let’s me know that eating foods containing high amounts of C will increase my collagen production decreasing the signs of aging. Since the peach is fleshy, it reminds me of the banana which is high in fiber and will move foods through. When eaten with a spinach salad, I know this combination will cleanse my system naturally and gently reducing the risks of colorectal cancer.

Peach with the high amounts of potassium and no sodium which can reduce hypertension. Those with anxiety disorders will find this to very effective when wanting to feel calm. A nice peach tea would be perfect. Rich in antioxidants, the peach will effectively help with the removal of free radicals which has been associated with sun damage, skin cancer, heart disease and other forms of cancers.

The peach has successfully within the tests conducted by the University of Texas,

has been found to reduce LDL(bad cholesterol, help with metabolic issues, fight off obesity (fiber),

help prevent certain cancers, wrinkles in the skin (Vita C),diabetes and heart disease.

Just a side note, diabetes and heart disease go hand-in-hand.

Try peaches in your salad, or muddled into your drink.

Allergens: protein produced in the peach have been associated with those who suffer from tree nut sensitivity.





side notes:

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  • Side note if you have Trimethylaminurial or TMAU a fisher odor in sweet or reproductive organs which can cause a more pungent smell during or before your menstrual cycle. Odor varies based on diet, hormonal change, amount of sweat. Get tested if you suspect
    Avoid foods containing: choline, carnitine, nitrogen, sulfur and lecithin
  • BV: Bacterial Vaginosis: which can be caused by the imbalance of bacterial flora and can be confused as bacterial yeast infection or TAMU. Get tested and ask specifically. If you have douched or have had multiple sex partners. This bacteria can be associated with redness or itchiness in the vagina area.
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