Who are we?

Who is anyone who owns a business and raises a family?

So, let me lay down the “Skinny” Facts… On, How we are different and how I am like you.

We work, we love, we go, we are who we are.

But, at Skinny South Incredible Treats, what makes us incredible are the ingredients… is the passion… and the fact we are like you and understand you needs. 

We place with love in our products, 11 antioxidants and anti-inflammatory spices, and Plant-based proteins, that contain less allergens, and more easy to digest than other products on the market. Years of research with doctors, master chefs and the community. Our toppings like carrot cake contain less sugars naturally by adding our specially cared for sweet potatoes, dehydrated and no added sugars. Our product contains rich Omega 3 for healthy brains, and neurons for many different important reasons. It is rich in fiber to keep your body toxin-free.


The fact I live like you, one with a unique life.

I am a single parent of an autistic teen. Knowing I had to stay at home, I made the hard financial decision to raise my daughter, and be there for her regardless of my personal sacrifices.

         I have aging parents, who thank goodness are vibrant and they work hard and love me for me and my unique passions.

The fact I am a runner and developed the product for post-race events, easy to grab and go without the mess.

The fact I developed the product for my family. My daughter,autisticto live without gluten and processed sugars and flours. Products with Brown sugar are even made in-house (molasses, which is iron-rich). My mother with celiac, my family members with diabetes

The fact I developed it for clients. Those who wanted their “cake and eat it too”. As a nutritionist and personal trainer, I kept hearing the word “moderation” and “sweets/ high fats” put together; they kept asking for moderation. There wasn’t a product on the market that was truly all-natural, with good fats, no high sugar content and good for you that put so many health concerns on the table to conquer.

The fact that the product was first tested with kids, unexpectedly. My daughter’s kindergarten class I would bake cookies for her to share at lunch and they loved it so much, the parents began purchasing. Plus, the runners with whom I ran with would purchase products out of the back of my Jeep…. I had no idea that I would be here teach you about food science through food.

The fact a large part of my customer base are athletes. They care about their bodies. Ranging from body-builders, bikini models, models, runners, triathletes, baseball, football, track stars… which none are paid to promote the product, they just love them and I appreciate it.

The fact my recovery from workout and races shortened and my race time quickened. Upon developing the product, it was so cool to feel “alive” and no pain. It’s because the pain inhibitors created within the cookie by pairing ingredients together helped the process. Science is so cool !

The fact I get to know all my customer and have a relationship with my vendors on a personal note, and my customers.

The fact I care. I give back to the communities for education, disabilities, health, and families. I am not rich, but I do care. I care enough to be paid less than so that I can give back more. We only have yet but one life to live, and my goal is to make sure my family is taken care of, and my community meaning each and every human being I can touch regardless of ethnicity, gender, hair color, background, culture… We all have a heartbeat, we all have passions, we have yet but one life and sometimes our life needs someone to care so that we feel we have hope.

The fact I understand science. My background is science, nutrition, athletics, cooking and being a parent.  So, the products are developed to nurture you internally so that you can perform at your best daily. No processed ingredients, all recipes are science-based through my vision of food-pairing that I have been teaching clients for over a decade.

The fact I understand life and its curve balls. I was studying to be a heart surgeon, but life took an unexpected turn when I was studying for the MCAT. Sometimes, you just have to make unexpected life decisions that create different paths.

The fact I am a survivor. I am a survivor of a horrific car-jacking / nabbing and beating that left me having to learn how to talk, walk, run, sight. I stammered for 7 years, it took almost 10 years to where I could remember more than 3 numbers in a row. Somethings like the languages I spoke never recovered. But, the situation made me want to learn more about the brain, neurotransmitters, how to recover from brain injury and live life. I guess sometimes things happen so you can live, appreciate and understand others so you can help those who need a redirect.

The fact testimonials I have heard have touched me intensely that I never have forgotten one face nor one story. Like the woman from France with her family who flew to Miami to tell me that my products taught her food is healing and good for you that she is no longer bulimia of 10 years.

So like you, I understand and developed the product for you so you can live a healthy, meaningful life.

I love what I do. I see the impact of what I do. The creation of Skinny South is literally my baby that has paid forward to so many. It is why I do what I do. Regardless the lack of sales, or the boost of sales. When you purchase my products, you purchase life for not only yourself but for others so they may live life to their fullest.

Enjoy life. Enjoy the passion and love we have put into our products for you. 




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