borderline. Diagnosis

There are some people out there that have borderline diagnosis and you don’t know how to handle it because you feel you don’t need to take meds for this or that and are fearful of the side affects of one when the other you don’t need.

Or You are given a half diagnosis and not sure if that really is it. Many are reading today about their symptoms and taking the results they find to the doctor. But, will the doctor listen. Or like this story, You give them the diagnosis and they want to conduct their own test because the last doctor, which was a month ago didn’t do some other test or they have to have this test for their own office when it was the exact same test the last doctor gave.

or you have private insurance and not medicaid so certain services you really need are not covered and you can’t get because you don’t qualify for financial state assistance.

It is scary and frustrating.

Take a child, who now is 12 years old. At 3 years old the teacher pulls you aside and says, your child has signs of autism. At that time this is Greek to you and autism sounds like a backwards acronym. At  the age of 4, you are starting to have trouble. Trouble you have never had before. Not understanding you take her to the doctor… no physical signs of trauma so, they send you home. You don’t understand how to discipline because your child reacts differently or the trouble caused is baffling as to how it took place to begin with… it is not normal behavior.

Years pass…. you have trouble at school, at home. She has cut off all her hair, ran under the desk, wears ungodly amount of clothing, screams and runs around. You just don’t understand.

Lost. Confused. You change environments. Alone. Afraid. Single. You try to get a psychotherapist to help you. Now more confused after 500 tests and 4 more years gone by. No one can help you.

You get ODD, ADHD, ADD, PCC, DDD, HCD, schizophrenia, bipolar, PTSD,  parasympathetic disorder you name it… she had it.

But what, so you go through therapy, again.

This time you feel you are getting somewhere, seeing a psychologist once per week and she seems to be getting somewhere. But then you have her in therapy at school. Then the insurance is no longer accepted at that particular place and you have to start over.

By now, the borderline, misdiagnosed child has seen 6 schools by the time she is 8 and about to go into her 9th school. Why ? you ask. Because. Each school cannot handle her and one after one, doctor after doctor the story gets retold… oh, well we can help her. We can get her on medication. Let’s do blood work to see what kind and how much dosage she needs.

Tired. Afraid. Broke.

Living back at mom’s trying to make sense of all of this. Trying to understand why. Is it me? Is it the doctors? Is it something consumed during pregnancy? All these questions you ask yourself because frankly you don’t know.

You can’t work outside the home because you keep getting called to school to keep her from getting expelled because of some tasmania devil reactive trigger that no one can seem to explain.

You are in meetings each week. The schools are just passing her to get them out of their class or they tell you we cannot accommodate your child because of her behavior, but yet, no one. No One can seem to tell you what is going on. And no one can help you

Because you either have private insurance and they want money up front like $400 per visit and then say, oh she is lovely there is nothing wrong. BS people.

And they say she needs help.

and then, there is YOU who needs help as well.

You need  help. You need someone to talk professionally because honestly your conversations are consumed by your child whom you are trying to figure out why is she borderline.

You can’t get help because she has no physical flaw. You can’t get help because she has an IQ of 110 and aces state tests.

however, she pulls all her hair out, eyelashes, eyebrows, hair…

Borderline. Where from here?!

First: to get a child off sugar is like trying to get a monkey off your back.

Second: get a child who doesn’t like to go outside and doesn’t like to be around people

Third: get a child to play an instrument who can play the instrument but is all over the place with focus.

Fourth: Get a child to do their homework when 1. the school refuses to help you with this and 2. she will not tell you that she has homework.

But , she is borderline. Misdiagnosed. Parent: frustrated yet persistent.

She pulls out her hair. And they say nothing is wrong.

OMG, really?!

As the basis for the story is set, I will walk you through the masses of information and the 2 feet of paperwork that has been conducted over the last 8 years. I feel that there are others out there who share this frustration and pain. Maybe we can work together to help the  children who are misdiagnosed or borderline. Where some parents are unable to get help because they are just on the cusp.


To keep the family private, the names have changed but the story is real.



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