As a business owner, athlete and mother, life is interesting.

There is only one person that will come
Through your life that will really understand you.
That is god. And god knows the needs of your heart. He put your soulmate on this earth to uplift you, that connects with you, that knows you.

Where god put every molecule together, Man and woman become one; who may not understand each other but you love unconditionally each other.

Some will agree, one is greater than 2 and with 2 you can accomplish a whole lot more. Listen, communicate and love so you can grow a better home, a beautiful tomorrow and conqueror the negative of this world.

Actions speak louder than words. No war was won by talking it to death. This is a war of not flesh but against the spirits of this world. Satan wants to come in between you and your loved ones by planting weakness or crazy thoughts.

Don’t act on those thoughts. Instead with action take a bold stand. With me I am fiercely loyal and will fight to the death for my loved ones without hesitation.
If you are single,pray for the person god has for you; even though you haven’t even met them. Or you have met them and you love them and are attracted to them. Either way, Pray circles of protection around that person because if you are going through something more than likely they are going through some things too.

It will get you into practice for praying for and with your future spouse. Man life is a trip… So live it to the fullest, you never know when you will go so be completely in the moment with your loved ones and those who need love.

A hello is sometimes all the love someone needs at that particular moment.
Rock on. Live on. Love all.


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